When Times Get Tough, Send People Lots of Pizza

Locals sent multiple pies to various Boston Police Department buildings. The Boston Globe got some, too.

Photo via BPD.

Photo via BPD

When people give it their everything and push themselves to the limit to help others, the cure-all for their eventual exhaustion seems to be a circular piece of bread with cheese and sauce on top of it.

In a show of support for the work and dedication exemplified by members of the Boston Police Department, after spending nearly a week working details and hunting down the suspects involved in the Boston Marathon bombings, users on the community forum Redditsent pizzas to multiple department stations throughout the city as a way to say “thanks.”

On Saturday, members of the Boston Police created their own Reddit.com account so that they could thank everyone for sending the pies their way.

Your kind gesture of sending us pizza is greatly appreciated! None of us really use Reddit so hopefully this is posted in the right place. Thank you again… everyone has been getting pizza….enough to go around.

According to the police officer that created the account, not an official Boston Police account, he “just happened to be at the station” when the pizzas arrived. “I am an Officer assigned there along with another Officer created this account simply to say thanks,” he wrote along with the note.

Boston Police Spokesman Officer James Kenneally says the amount of “thanks” and gratitude the police have received in the form of food has been satisfying and inspiring. “People were dropping off cake cookies and food, its been pretty overwhelming and impressively generous. A lot of [the pizza deliveries] took place down around the Boylston Street area and the finish line. The point to be made though—what may seem like small gestures are hugely appreciated,” says Kenneally.

The Boston Police have 12 stations throughout the city, and each one received an outpouring of gratitude in the form of cookies, cake, and other foods, he says.

But the Boston police weren’t the only ones to get a pat on the back in the form of pizza. On Monday, the Globe received a large supply of pizza for their newsroom from the Chicago Tribune, who said the food was recognition for their coverage during the week-long bombing investigation. “We can only imagine what an exhausting and heartbreaking week it’s been for you and your city … we can’t buy you lost sleep, so at least let us pick up lunch,” the letter from the Tribune said.