Someone Is Selling a Facebook Page Dedicated to the Bombing Victims for $1,000

The transaction is being made through a third party website that specializes in transferring social media accounts.

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook

In the wake of the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, some people are trying to turn a profit off of a city that’s grieving.

According to, a website that describes itself as the “only safe place to buy and sell Facebook pages and Twitter accounts,” a user listed on the site is offering the sale of a Facebook page titled “R.I.P for Boston Marathon Victims,” … for $1,000.

The Facebook page currently has more than 47,000 “likes” and more than 40,000 people “talking about the site,” according to Facebook statistics. says a site or page is worth more depending on the activity on the page itself, combined with the number of fans of the page. It is listed for sale at $21 per “like,” and has been listed on the site for five days, which indicates the Facebook page went on sale just days after the bombing occurred.



The page “R.I.P. for Boston Victims” features lots of photos of those who were killed in the blasts on Marathon Monday, as well as an excessive use of memes with prayers and pictures of the scenes of memorials.

While it is technically legal to sell off a Facebook page created by a user, it violates the Facebook terms of service. “Whatever you do, make sure you NEVER discuss buying or selling on Facebook or Twitter,” according to

Boston magazine reached out to the alleged seller, whose email address only was listed on, to find out if the money from the sale of the fan page would benefit the victims and families impacted by the bombing—or will be kept for a personal profit. The seller said in an email that they have already donated money to help, and they “will donate again…not all [of the money] but a few.”