MBTA Buses Display ‘Boston Strong’ Message on LED Screens

In a show of support for the families affected by the bombing, the T put up compassionate sayings.

Photo via Michelle Andrews.

Photo via Michelle Andrews.

The MBTA did something on Monday morning that no one in Boston could complain about: They displayed messages of support for the city, victims, and families who were impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings on all of their buses.

Passengers getting to work may have noticed that the LED signs, which usually display the route number and destination of their bus, proudly displayed the words “Boston Strong” or “We Are One Boston” instead.

According to MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott, it was “business as usual” on Monday as riders got back to work and boarded public transit after an emotional, tense week in Boston and surrounding communities. “The MBTA is pleased to play a role in spreading the message that Boston is a city united. I am so proud of the way Transit Police and MBTA personnel conducted themselves throughout the ordeal,” Scott said in a statement.

According to T officials, MBTA buses will also come to a halt at 2:50 p.m. during a moment of silence scheduled for the victims, exactly one week since the bombing, “as long as it is safe to do so.”

“This moment of silence is about giving everyone a peaceful moment to reflect on what happened over the past week and to remember those whose lives were lost and those whose lives will be forever changed,” Mayor Tom Menino said in a statement.

After the moment of silence, bells across the state will ring, according to officials.