Another Reason to Head to Boylston: Money Falls from the Sky

It's a mystery wrapped in a $2 bill.


Image Credit: Michael Ratty

This has got to be one of the better occasions police have had to head to Boylston Street in recent weeks: Bystanders reported that a bunch of U.S. dollar bills, mostly in the odd $2 denomination as far as we can tell, began falling from the sky Thursday afternoon. As the money fell, people began scrambling to find it and … tweeting about it, of course:

WBZ’s Carl Stevens says police “followed up” on reports of falling money. (“There’s money falling from the sky? We’ll be right there. Joe, put on the siren,” is probably how that conversation went.) The identity of Boston’s Uncle Pennybags remains a mystery. (If it was you, let’s be in touch.) Universal Hub and Stevens suggest it came from 745 Boylston, across from Lord and Taylor.

Boston’s prolific Twitter personality Michael Ratty  reports that the people in the windows were actually looking up at the falling money themselves.


Image Credit: Michael Ratty

“Still not sure who did it,” Ratty says, but adds that it was a nice moment. “To see a few hundred people all at once stop dead in their tracks and look at the sky and smile and take photos was great—especially considering exactly where we were standing.”

Indeed, and hey, everyone’s been spending the week trying to encourage people to return to the Back Bay, spend some money, and help affected businesses. Maybe some good Samaritan is just giving us a little stimulus cash to get the spending started. Get thee to the Back Bay and this could be you! Just be sure to spend it on a good cause.


Image Credit: Michael Ratty, Now $2 Wealthier.