‘Boston Bombers’ Women’s Basketball Team Changes Name

The only semi-pro women's team in the area is now called the "Bulldogs."

Image via Boston Bombers on Twitter.

Image via Boston Bombers on Twitter

If you’re interested in Boston’s only semi-professional women’s basketball team, and go to search for them on Google, you’re likely to only find stories and images about the Boston Marathon attack. That’s because until recently, the team went by the name of the “Boston Bombers.”

The team was part of the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League, whose mission, according to their website, is to “provide highly competitive basketball for women age 20 and older” in varying levels, mixing in former College players, National Women’s Basketball League players, and WNBA players.

But after the Boston Marathon bombings, it’s nearly impossible to find anything related to the team’s happenings and current events. According to the WBCBL site, the team has wiped the old name and logo—a picture of a cartoon bomb with basketball lines embroidered on it—and changed their official title to the “Boston Bulldogs.” They have not created a new logo since the marathon attack, however.

“It was something we were thinking about for a while, but obviously this tragic event solidified that decision,” says Charne Dixon, assistant general manager and marketing director for the team. “We are going to go by the ‘Bulldogs’ now. We had a lot of people reaching out to us [after the bombings], both good and bad. For obvious reasons, the name does not reflect a good one after what happened.”

The WBCBL recently made the necessary name changes on the directory page to the team’s section on their site. But more still needs to be done, says Dixon. “There are a lot of things that we have to replace, including uniforms, travel equipment … it’s a process, but we are getting there.” Dixon says the team will be getting together in May to further discuss the changes.

In the meantime, the team took down its official website, and did away with its Twitter account and accompanying Facebook page, too. Dixon says all of those changes were made “immediately” after the attack, and before they decided on the “Bulldogs.”