Rebranding, Part I

Take care of the body first, and the mind will follow.

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Photo by Joyce Lee. Styling by Anna Lee Wallack/Anchor Artists. Shot on location at Megan Graham Beauty. Left: robe, Neiman Marcus Copley. Right: top, pants, and jacket, all Lululemon Athletica.

Divorce Ain’t Pretty

Surprise, surprise: Lawyers and courtrooms aren’t good for your health. Here are the top 10 breakup wounds, and how to mend them.

Weight Gain For men, BMI balloons within two years of divorce (nutritional counseling, $125, OMBE Center, Boston,

Weight Loss …and not the good kind (Reiki, $90 for 50 minutes, Bella Santé, multiple locations,

Hair Loss Women may leave the marriage sparse up top (extensions, starting at $500, the Loft, Boston,

Hives Stress can cause rashes and breakouts (Bare Bones Yoga Wellness Groups, $25 per class, Bare Bones Yoga, Charlestown,

Under-Eye Bags Create the illusion of a solid eight hours of sleep (Quench facial, $275, Dermatology Partners, Wellesley,

Abdominal Pain Sick to your stomach? Try a workshop in gastrointestinal health (Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge,

Depression Divorce is depressing, especially for women. Many couples’ therapists suggest individual post-divorce therapy (

Alcohol Abuse Shockingly, divorcees generally drink more than married people (

Sweaty Palms Botox can dehumidify a handshake ($300–$1,000, Dr. Ranella Hirsch, Cambridge,

Insomnia Acupuncture can resolve sleeplessness in just one to three treatments ($80, Collective Healing Center, Winchester,

Welcome to the Club

“There’s a big trend toward boutique fitness or workouts with a strong social aspect, like running clubs and CrossFit. These are nice ways for people to get back into a social environment following a divorce without the pressure of a romantic outcome. Especially in the early days, dating may not be a priority, but starting a new chapter, making new friends, and reconnecting to your own interests and goals are.”—Rebecca Pacheco, wellness coach,

Facial Profiling

“Guys can always benefit from a brow shaping. Nothing too manicured, just a cleanup to give a ‘lift’ that’ll help you look younger and better rested. Most women, but especially ones who’ve endured a lot of stress, deal with redness, darkness, or other skin inconsistencies. But the answer is not to pile on foundation. Instead, try a careful layer of primer, concealer, mineral makeup, and setting powder—it’s worth the investment in a one-time makeup lesson.”—Lauren Genatossio, makeup artist,

The Mane Point

“Divorced women often think they need longer hair to ‘get a man.’ Not true. Divorce marks the perfect time to go after the haircut you’ve always wanted. In particular, bangs are current, and can make a woman look 15 years younger. To the men: Find a stylist who can give a lesson in how to use product, by which I do not mean the wet look. And if you’re losing your hair, please don’t cling to the memory. A close cut or total shave is much more flattering.”—George Amaral, hairstylist,


“Start working out as soon as you can—during the divorce is ideal. Exercise builds confidence, period. Set small goals. Enlist a trainer, or start walking. One rule I live by is that it’s better to create new, good habits than kill yourself trying to break bad ones. If you can add one good habit, you can add a thousand.”—Gregg D’Andrea, personal trainer,

Nip and Tuck

“Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had the time or energy to look after yourself. So maybe you’re considering a little cosmetic work—nothing crazy or extreme. Instead, think about the one thing that bothers you the most. A bit of Botox can make you look better rested. Some gentle laser work can even out any stress-induced splotchiness. Just be sure you’re not doing it to win anyone back, or ‘get even.’ Make sure you’re doing this for you.”—William Numa, cosmetic surgeon,

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