More Hologram Employees Coming to Logan Airport

The days of dealing with humans are coming to an end—at least when you fly out of Boston.

Photo via Tensator.

Photo via Tensator

More digital help is coming to Logan Airport in the form of hologram employees tasked with guiding travelers in the right direction.

Three more “Virtual Assistants” will be deployed in the airport’s terminals to help inform the public about flight information regarding ID and boarding passes, federal regulations on bringing liquids on planes, garment removal and x-ray machine instructions, according to Tensator, the self-described “global leader of queue management solutions.”

Tensator representatives say the life-like hologram assistant, which can speak English and Spanish, will be set up at Terminals A, B, and C. Right now, Tensator holograms have been situated at Terminal E since June 2012. The digital workers are meant to ease the hassle of waiting in long lines at the airport and “improve efficiency, passenger flow and [the] overall airport experience,” according to the company.

The first Tesnator virtual assistant (named “Carla”) began chatting with travelers in Boston nearly one year ago, and since then, the company claims “the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The presence of technology like “Carla” keeps some passengers from asking TSA workers basic questions, freeing them up to focus on the screening process, rather than providing verbal instructions to folks in line.

“People are very receptive to Carla’s bi-lingual message and are intrigued by her customer service and high-tech message delivery,” said Brad Martin, Deputy Director Aviation Customer service, Boston Logan Airport. “Passengers really pay attention and appreciate the consistency and clarity of the message.”

Below is a video of the virtual assistants in action: