Boston University Dean Jumps Into the Charles River After Losing a ‘Challenge’

He did it in a suit and tie while students watched and cheered.

Boston University’s Dean of Students, Kenneth Elmore, is a man of his word. That’s why when the class of 2013 proved that they raised their class gift donation goal, he took a plunge into the Charles River, fully clothed, on one of the coldest and windiest days of the month.

Immediately after the underwater escapade, Elmore wrote that the experience was “chill and cool on multiple levels.” He then posted a video of him diving into the waters, and promised his Facebook following that he would have an even better one later. Students from the school stood along the banks of the Charles and cheered on the dean as he mustered up the courage to go overboard, making a splash  and eventually taking two more students in with him. To make sure he didn’t get any eel-infested Charles River water up his nose, Elmore made sure to sport a hefty pair of goggles.

This wasn’t the first year the Dean lost a bet to a graduating class—or even the first time he jumped in the water with a tuxedo on. In 2011, he made a similar agreement with the graduating students. Last year, in 2012, they tried to get Elmore to swallow a live goldfish. They settled on having someone throw the first pitch at a Red Sox game, however.

Students at Boston University had their senior breakfast on May 3, where commencement speakers were announced, and the recipients of honorary degrees were revealed. The dive into the river followed the announcements, and the news that the class had raised enough money for their annual gift. According to BU Today, “the Class Gift Campaign is a student-driven initiative that each year allows members of the graduating class to earmark funds to…offices, programs, and projects on campus that mean the most to them.” The goal was to get 2,013 students to contribute at least $20.13 to the fund, to fall in line with the graduation year.

Photo by Kalman Zabarsky via BU Today.

Photo by Kalman Zabarsky via BU Today.