New Poll Has No Ungodly Idea Who Your Next Governor Will Be

PPP is getting out in front of the very distant governor's race.


Photo Credit: WEBN-TV on Flickr

Very eager Democratic polling firm PPP asked Massachusetts voters for their preference in the governor’s race that’ll take place in a year and a half and discovered that Massachusetts voters … have pretty much no clue who they’ll be voting for. PPP was first to release a poll showing the state of the race between Senate candidates Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez, and even with that election taking place in a matter of months, some suggest it might come too early to be of real use. Imagine then, how unhelpful poll respondents might be when considering a race over a year away for which no candidate has declared.

Among Democratic primary voters choosing between a list of potential gubernatorial candidates, the leading choice with 44 percent of the vote was “Someone else/Not Sure.” Congressman Mike Capuano took a distant second with 17 percent, putting him slightly ahead of the other Democrats PPP allowed voters to choose between. On the Republican side, Scott Brown was easily the most popular, as he often is, and the only Republican who had decent odds against the Democratic challengers when put in hypothetical match-ups. That’s mostly a function of him being the best known of any potential candidates, Democrat or Republican considered by PPP for this poll.

“The Massachusetts Governor’s race is really up in the air,” Dean Debnam, President of PPP is quoted saying in the poll press release. “Other than Scott Brown none of the candidates are particularly well known, so it’s hard to get much of an early read on it.” Indeed ….