A Lynn Woman’s Troll Doll Obsession Wins Her Inevitable Internet Notoriety

Michelle Kerrins appeared on TLC's My Crazy Obsession

You’d assume that everyone profiled on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession would hail from Florida, that ever-overflowing fountain of oddities. But Michelle Kerrins, who’s obsession with troll dolls won her a spot on the show’s season finale this week, is in fact from Lynn, Massachusetts, according to Gawker. (Also let’s just take a moment of silence to remember that time TLC stood for “The Learning Channel.” … Okay, we’re back.)

Anyway, the 38-year-old gymnastics instructor has 3,000 troll dolls and she hides them in various places around the house she shares with her husband and daughter. Her segment is just … well, we’re amazed it’s taken a reality TV producer this long to find her, let’s just put it that way. Highlights include her attempts to do acrobatics in a troll bikini while wearing a troll mask. Kerrins has achieved what seems to have been her birthright: amused posts about her on Gawker, the New York Daily News, and other assorted publications that traffic in news of the weird. “When people say that trolls are ugly, I love it. They’re not gonna go out and get a troll collection. So it makes me unique,” she says in the segment. That it does, Michelle.