Brockton’s Lil’ Poopy Stays Out Past His Bedtime

Police say they found the 9-year-old in a car smelling of marijuana.


Image Credit: YouTube

It’s been a quiet few months for Brockton’s own child rapper Lil’ Poopy. (Or maybe it hasn’t? Honestly, we haven’t been paying much attention.) But the tenuous calm, the murky détante that defined young Poop’s  recent relations with the state’s Department of Children and Families has been shattered.

Nine-year-old Lil’ Poopy, you’ll recall, became subject to investigation with the state’s child welfare authorities when Brockton police expressed concern at his rap videos, in which he spanks some ladies and makes puns about Coca-Cola and cocaine, and whatnot. (You know, kid stuff.) Poopy’s people called the complaint racist, and the state ultimately left it alone.

Until now! The Boston Herald’s Gayle Fee has the Poopy Scoop. (Pun credit: The Herald) and it would seem that Lil’ Poopy is acting a bit big for his (soiled?) britches. Yes, Brockton Police found him along with his videographer in a car outside McDonald’s that smelled an awful lot like, well … like Peter Parker’s girlfriend, we’ll leave it there for the children. This was at the ripe old time of 12 a.m. or sometime thereafter, no less. Police found nothing illicit in the car, but they once again referred the matter to the Department of Children and Families, where some nice man likely received the report, put his head on his desk, and softly wept at his rotten luck. Meanwhile, Poop’s peeps, or rather his lawyer, says the complaint is “harassment,” though he confirms Poopy was out ’til 1 a.m. after some late-night rehearsing.

Who knows what will come of this, but it does seem like Lil’ Poopy’s getting a Lil’ Ahead of Himself. Take some advice from someone who went to bed at like 10:15 p.m. last night! Save the late-night McDonald’s runs for your teenage years, or you’ll have nothing to look forward to! Except, we suppose, changing your name to Big Poopy. (Or Poop Daddy? The Notorious P.O.O.P.? The Artist Formally known as Poopy? I don’t know. Everybody go home. Shut it down.)