Big Papi’s Uncensored Words Now For Sale! (But Censored)

Buy your 'This is our f-ing city' today!

Big Papi’s colorful declaration that “This is our fucking city,” at a pregame ceremony after the Boston Marathon bombing has inspired merchandise that shares Ortiz’s sentiments … if not his uncensored enthusiasm. That’s right, for just $125, you can buy a baseball bat that says “This is our f-ing city” and “Never Forget. Boston Strong. 4.15.13,” according to Papi’s website. For $500, you can have it signed!


Ortiz’s salty language actually earned him admiration from the Federal Communications Commission when he took the mic at Fenway Park and declared, “This is our fucking city.” People worried that Ortiz might earn himself a fine, but the FCC commissioner tweeted, “David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today’s Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and the people of Boston.”

Nevertheless, Ortiz is keeping it more PG with a cleaned up version of the quote on his baseball bat. We kind of wish he’d have stayed true to his words. After all, would Cee Lo Green censor his album title? Yeah, right, didn’t thin—oh.  (But seriously, is anyone who is squeamish about swear words going to buy a bat that says “F-ing city” on it? I guess maybe.)

Ortiz will donate the net proceeds to the One Fund, he writes on his website, because, “When I gave the speech during our pregame ceremony of our first game back, I fully meant the words I said.” Minus those three letters, of course, but still. It’s nice! []