Ask Me Anything Q&A #1: Overlooked Races

Happy Ask Me Anything Day! Our first question comes from “FishDan,” who asks:

What’s the local election that no one is talking about? I know long time Mayor Scanlon in Beverly is not running. Any other shakeups you’re following?

Well, let’s face it, outside of the Boston mayoral race they’re ALL elections that no one is talking about. But I would certainly included Lawrence, where at least a half-dozen challengers are lining up against beleaguered mayor/telenovela William Lantigua. Also Brockton, where first-term mayor Linda Balzotti has multiple challengers.

Beverly, as you mentioned, has an unexpected opening with Bill Scanlon’s retirement, although it looks like it might not be a Boston-like scrum as councilor Mike Cahill solidifies support.

I’d also keep my eye on re-election efforts by some of the Commonwealth’s more politically ambitious mayors, such as Kim Driscoll of Salem, Will Flanagan of Fall River, Setti Warren of Newton, and Lisa Wong of Fitchburg. They’ll all want to not just win, but win impressively to help launch them to possible state-wide runs in 2014.

The Boston city council races are going to be great, and I see good council races shaping up in Cambridge, Quincy, and elsewhere too.

But the biggest political transition (aside from Menino) may be a non-elected one. This summer Richard Rossi takes over as Cambridge city manager from Bob Healey, who has pretty much single-handedly run that city since John Harvard was in knee-socks. (OK, I don’t know if John Harvard wore knee socks. Also, I think he never actually lived in Cambridge. But Healey has been city manager since the early 17th century; that‘s a proven fact.)

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