Ask Me Anything Q&A #3: Michael Capuano’s Seat

“Deborah” asks:

Who else is going to run for Capuano’s seat in 14 aside from Pressley?

This presumes that congressman Michael Capuano will run for governor in 2014—which I happen to think is correct, but we don’t actually know.

But if he does, then start your engines—we’ll have a wide-open race for the major Boston congressional district.

Almost everybody assumes, as you suggest, that Boston city councilor Ayanna Pressley would run. City councilor Felix Arroyo has definitely had his eye on it, too, and would very likely run if he fares reasonably well but fails to win the mayoral race. Other unsuccessful Boston mayoral candidates could get in, depending on what kind of following and reputation they build up in this race. And I’d also look at some of the talents who have worked in the Patrick administration, or other Milton neighbors of his from business and law.

Basically, you can expect one strong candidate from the top part of the district—Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone if he doesn’t run for governor too—and one or more black or Hispanic candidates from the bottom part of the district. There will be a lot of pressure to settle on one minority candidate, rather than see the lower-district vote split and losing the chance to finally get a minority into the Bay State’s congressional delegation.

But so far the rumor mill on specific candidates has been pretty quiet. I expect that will change as soon as Capuano opens a gubernatorial campaign account.

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