Radio Liberte for Linda Forry

Prepare to see more political money poured into minority community media.

Linda Forry’s victory in the recent state Senate special election primary was surely helped by her ability to outspend Nick Collins nearly two-to-one in the final four weeks of the campaign, an advantage detailed in the pre-primary reports submitted today. Forry, with a campaign war chest built up over several years, spent more than $120,000 in that stretch, half of which went to mailers and door-hanger lit. Most of the rest went to the usual: consultants, rent, print ads in community newspapers, and so on.

But Forry’s campaign also spent around $2,500 on radio ads—on Haitian programs, which might have tipped the scales of awareness for the voter turnout that she needed to win.

That targeted advertising (and her multi-lingual lit) might be unsurprising for the Haitian-American Forry, but it’s also a sign of the times. Every significant mayoral candidate marched in the Haitian American Unity parade this past weekend, as did U.S. Senate candidate Ed Markey, who stayed pretty much glued to Forry’s side throughout.

As Boston’s minorities start to develop a taste for voting, their media and events are going to get more and more political money and attention, whether from members of their own community (John Barros will undoubtedly advertise on local Cape Verdean radio programs) or from others hoping to win them over.

So, for those hoping to target Boston’s Haitian community, here are the shows Forry advertised with:

Radio Bel Mizik 91.3 FM

Radio Bel Top 88.5 FM

Radio Echo Evangelique 88.9 FM

Radio Energy 1620 AM

Radio Liberte 1620 AM

Radio One 98.9 FM

Radio Planet Compas 89.3 FM

Radio Tele Boston 100.1 FM

Radio Vwa Lakay WNTN 1550

WROL Radio