Tea Party Protesters: ‘They Will Be Coming For You Next’

Members of the group rallied outside the IRS building in Boston to stand against the agency's recent actions.

Photo via Steve Annear

Photo via Steve Annear

Holding signs, waving flags, and shouting ‘they will be coming for you next,’ Tea Party protesters gathered outside of Boston’s Internal Revenue Service headquarters on Tuesday to denounce the recent actions by the federal agency.

After the IRS was accused of unfairly targeting conservative groups claiming nonprofit tax status, setting off a scandal that required intervention from President Barack Obama, and leading to the resignation of top agency officials, Brookline resident Roger Blood felt “chilled” by the government’s decision to go after specific groups based on their party preference and beliefs. “I think that [this is] the government taking a step into a dangerous area of our lives,” said Blood, as he stood outside the city’s JFK Federal Building, where the IRS offices are located, with a sign reading “Intrude, Harass, Repress.” On his sign, the letters “IRS” were highlighted in red.

Blood stood alongside more than two-dozen other ralliers, all there to call out the federal agency’s actions, as part of a national protest. Blood said although he identifies as a Libertarian, and not a member of the Tea Party, the government intrusion compelled him to take a stand. “What really chilled me was that any group would have to disclose to the government what they were reading,” he said, referencing a report that claimed the IRS was asking Tea Party members what literature they were subscribing too. “What you are reading is what you are thinking, and our whole country was based on our freedom of not letting the government in on that part of our lives. It really got my attention…it was chilling.”

While some protesters joked that workers from the Boston IRS building were “probably watching us with binoculars,” others, like Richard Caissie, traveled all the way from across the state for the gathering, and waved large flags that read “Don’t Tread on Me.” Caissie, who identified himself as a member of the Greater Marlborough Tea Party group, said the purpose of standing outside was because what the IRS did went against “how the government is supposed to work.”

“They are supposed to protect our rights. They have harassed people who are like-minded. This is one of liberty’s brushfires. What will happen is, I am hoping Congress and investigators work on this and try and find out what the heck really happened…hopefully we will get more people to realize that our government is taking our tax money to work against us, and that’s just unacceptable.”