The 9/11 Resolutions Gomez and Markey Are Fighting About

Before listening to Gomez's attack, let's 'read the bill' as he likes to say.

Gabs Gomez is out again today with a release screaming about Ed Markey’s “unconscionable” vote against two resolutions honoring 9/11 victims. I’m not sure that I’d use that term about anybody’s vote on a purely symbolic resolution with no practical effect whatsoever, but that’s just me.

I don’t think people realize what these resolutions are really like. They’re not brief “let’s take a moment to grieve” statements. They don’t talk at all, really, about the victims they are meant to be honoring.

And it’s well worth noting that the particular ones Markey voted against were offered in the fall of highly contentious election years, 2004 and 2006.

I’m pretty agnostic about whether Markey should have voted for them or not. But if you’re planning to judge him, you should at least—as Gomez likes to say—”read the bill.” (Click on image to see the entire resolution.)

Here’s page 1 of the 2004 resolution:




And the 2006 resolution: