HubSpot Will Pay You $30k For Referring ‘Awesome’ Software Developers

Th company is basically begging for new talent to come through the door.

Photo via HubSpot

Photo via HubSpot

If you don’t already have a friend who is a software developer, it’s time to start looking for one. Cambridge-based HubSpot announced this week that it is willing to pay $30,000—triple what it usually pays—to anyone that helps them recruit, as they put it, “awesome” talent for their company.

In a blog post called “Refer a Software Developer,” HubSpot is asking people to play “matchmaker” and refer a developer that will do such a good job as an employee that it will lead to “heart-pounding, chest-thumping, breathless love.”

The person who successfully shoots a cupid-like arrow into the company’s heart by connecting them with a supreme software developer will get “a big, fat check for $30,000” for their efforts. Of course, there is a catch, however. The “friend” that is introduced to HubSpot for the position has to hold it down for at least 120 days. After that, the person behind the referral gets paid. In addition to the bonus for their referring friend, all HubSpot employees receive tuition reimbursement and unlimited vacation time.

Katie Burke, a media relations specialist for the company, says the offer goes out to anyone, not just company employees, and there are roughly 15 spots available, meaning there is more than one opportunity to reap the rewards. “It can really be anyone, but the people you refer you have to actually know,” she says. “People can’t just be scraping the Internet to find folks.”

HubSpot says they are looking for somebody that will “push their own projects forward” and likes to “make their own vacation schedules” by pushing out code all day long while at work, freeing up their time later. “Our one overriding rule is ‘use good judgment,’ the company wrote. “Our goal is to build the best engineering team in the world, so we view the $30,000 bonus as a remarkable way to get the best and brightest referrals for developer talent from around the world,” says HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer, David Cancel. “To us, this is an investment in our software, in our team, and in our customers because finding top engineers and developers means that we’ll solve even more problems on behalf of the customer every day here at HubSpot.”

Here are some other requirements for potential recruits. Rhose interested in going after the money need to submit their referrals by July 31, and they can’t recommend themselves:

Love Shipping Code: The pace we maintain on the product team is incredibly high. We deploy code more than 100 times every day, and that’s just on an average day.

Love Big Projects: Our team is fully empowered to solve for the needs of our customers, so you don’t have to wade through red tape or permission slips to get things done. We just figure out what’s the right thing to do, and then we do it.