Holly Robichaud Announces Nonexistent Deal With WRKO’s Bill Cooksey

Holly Robichaud, media personality and political consultant to Massachusetts Republicans, sent an email announcement touting a new “partnership with Bill Cooksey,” a WRKO assistant program director.

After I contacted WRKO program director Jason Wolfe on Tuesday to ask about it, however, all parties involved say today that there is no partnership. It appears that Robichaud may have gone off a little half-cocked.

The announcement, which I obtained earlier this week, implies that Cooksey would be paid to produce radio ads for Robichaud clients:

Holly Robichaud, founder of Tuesday Associates, is pleased to announce a partnership with Bill Cooksey! …

Tuesday Associates will now be offering as one of our services the writing and producing of radio ads.
During the last campaign cycle Cooksey produced some standout ads for legislative candidates. We now plan to offer these services to all Republican candidates. They will be both high quality and reasonably priced …

If you want an ad that will produce results, then please call us …

“We’re not going to do it,” Robichaud told me this morning. “You made some phone calls, and it turns out that Cooksey had a contractual obligation and won’t be able to do it.”

In fact, as Cooksey and Wolfe describe it, there was no deal to call off.

It seems that at some point in the past, Cooksey did Robichaud a favor by recording an ad that her client was placing on the station; he says he never wrote or produced anything, nor agreed to do so in the future. “I hit record, the candidate reads the spot, I put it into the system,” he says. “I’ve never done any spots for her.”

Although he may have agreed informally to do the same if she was in a pinch again in the future, he says there was no partnership and no payment.

“There’s no business association or partnership between Bill and Holly’s company. She’s a guest from time to time on WRKO, but that’s the extent of his relationship with her,” Wolfe says.