The Cape Train: By the Numbers


Illustration by Liz Noftle


Date that the CapeFlyer train line will begin its weekend service from South Station to Hyannis, following the Lakeville commuter-rail line to its end, then using existing tracks to travel the rest of the way.


Minutes the trip will take, depending on the departure time.


Minutes that same trip would take by car without traffic.


Approximate number of Friday evenings when there’s no traffic.

5:12 p.m.

Time the first (and only) Friday-night train departs from South Station.


Number of good excuses this gives you to leave work a bit early Friday afternoon.


Projected annual operating costs for the expanded service, according to Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority administrator Tom Cahir.


Price of a round-trip ticket.


Amount you’d spend, roughly, to make the 140-mile round-trip journey by car (using gas prices from this May, and a rate of 22 miles per gallon).

$12 difference 

The price of your sanity.