Pump Gas For the Boston Globe

They are hiring a part-time employee to fuel their company vehicles.

Gas photo via shutterstock.com

Gas photo via shutterstock.com

If you have ever dreamed of working at the Boston Globe, but haven’t had a shot, here is your chance to work your way up the corporate ladder, one company car at a time.

In a recent job posting on the New York Times Company’s website, (we weren’t looking, it was an e-mail alert), the Globe Newspaper Company put a call out for a part-time fuel attendant. According to the listing, if hired, the employee would be tasked with pumping gas in the early morning hours—most likely fueling some of those green delivery trucks that bring newspapers to businesses and front doors—while also generally tending to unspecified “company vehicles.”

The requirements to become the Boston Globe’s gas pumper are pretty basic; applicants need to have a valid driver’s license, as well as the ability to show up at the paper’s headquarters on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester at around 3 a.m. for some shifts. The responsibilities are listed simply as “fuel company vehicles,” and maybe move them around the parking lot from time to time. Other than that, as long as an applicant can pump gas before the sun rises, all they need to do is be “punctual, dependable and demonstrate good work ethics.”

Starting off as a part-time gas attendant at the newspaper and one day landing a seat as the publication’s editor isn’t such a long shot either. The paper’s current editor, Brian McGrory, a 23-year veteran at the Globe and former columnist, started his time there as a paperboy delivering the news to his neighbors as a young kid.