First Lady Flexed Her Political Biceps During Visit to Support Markey

Sen. Elizabeth Warren pointed out how strong Michelle Obama was, both politically and physically.

First Lady Michelle Obama spent time in Boston on Wednesday to show support for Senate hopeful, Congressman Ed Markey, and help build Democratic confidence in his race for the seat in Washington, D.C.

During a speech in front of more than 250 guests, some who paid upwards of $36,000 to chow on mini pastries, roasted Chilean sea bass, and salad with orange segments, Obama told attendees to stay focused on the June special election, and to throw support behind Markey, who she said is helping push the president’s agenda forward. “My husband can’t do it alone, he absolutely needs folks like Ed Markey in the Senate to make it happen. So here in the state of Massachusetts, we need you to do everything you can over these next four weeks to get Ed Markey elected,” Obama said, urging people to dig deep in their pockets and continue writing checks to fund the campaign. “And it’s all on you…no one else can make this happen but you.”

Markey is running against Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez.

According to a Markey aide, the event, held at the Taj Boston Hotel, brought in more than $600,000 as of Wednesday afternoon and featured guest speakers like Senator Elizabeth Warren, and an appearance by interim Senator Mo Cowan.

Warren, who has made more than few stops to Boston in recent weeks, flaunted both Obama’s political drive, and her passion for staying fit. “I love Michelle Obama. She’s a real fighter. Just take a look at those biceps,” she said.

When Markey took to the podium, he also noted Obama’s focus on physical health before launching a bid for support to the select crowd.  “In my campaign, we could use some of those eating and exercise lessons on the campaign trail,” he said, joking with attendees, as he highlighted Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, which is aimed at battling childhood obesity.

Before stepping off the stage on Wednesday, Obama told supporters at the gala that this was one of those times that she needed them to stand behind the president. “Listen to this Massachusetts: you simply cannot elect Barack Obama by a landslide and lose this Senate seat,” she said, drawing applause from the crowd. “Remember all of those times when I’ve asked you to have my husband’s back? This is one of those back-having times, right now.”

Markey’s fundraiser wasn’t the only pit stop Obama made during her time in Boston, however. The First Lady also showed support for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing by visiting with them. It was the second time since the blasts that Obama met with patients.


A portion of this story was sourced from notes submitted by a pool reporter from the Boston Globe who attended the gala.