Dane Cook Outrages the Internet

The comedian didn't let his Boston Strong set stream over the internet. The internet is not happy.

Image Credit: Collin Harvey via Flickr

Image Credit: Collin Harvey via Flickr

Comedian Dane Cook performed a stand-up set at Thursday night’s Boston Strong concert, but he tweeted that he pulled his set from the livestream because he wasn’t ready to debut his material more broadly.

This has prompted a poo-storm of outrage from the internet. The general gripe, we surmise, is that Cook is selfishly hoarding his material to use it for commercial gain at some later date when he should be contributing to the city’s sense of community and healing by sharing his funny, funny jokes with the live-streaming masses. Here is a sample of the nice things people are saying about him on the web:

(Jeff Howe was really annoyed. Seriously, someone should check on him this morning.)

There seem to be two arguments for convincing everyone to rein in the outrage. The first being that Dane Cook might be a loser and a bad comedian, but why should that prompt such upset?

Apparently we didn’t miss much:

Indeed, the last time he performed a set in the wake of national tragedy, he came up with a line about the Batman movie being so bad, the people in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater probably hoped someone would shoot them.

Then there’s the more earnest Cook defense, which points out that he isn’t harming victims, financially speaking, by keeping his material offline. The whole point is that he’d offered his name on the lineup which prompted people to buy tickets, proceeds from which went to the One Fund. Comedians can only write (or “borrow” if you’re Dane Cook) so many jokes, and sometimes they aren’t ready to show them to the broader masses.

Wherever you come down, Dane Cook seems to be prompting strong emotions. We haven’t seen Twitter mobilized into outrage against Dane Cook since … the last time everyone was annoyed with Dane Cook.