Thunder Terrifies the Red Sox and Yankees

Neither team reacted too calmly to a clap of thunder last night.

Neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees kept their composure when a crash of a thunder disrupted them as they awaited a rain delay in their dugouts Sunday night. That’s evidenced by some hilarious video footage of the teams jumping out of their skin that’s gone viral this morning.

The Red Sox beat the Yankees 3 – 0 after two delays and an early end to the game in the fifth inning thanks to the weather. This meant a lot of waiting around in the dugout characterized by long bouts of boredom punctuated with intense moments of terror. It’s probably easiest to watch the two dugouts react on the Vine video above.

But if you like ads and buffering and whatnot, you can watch the full minute-long video from MLB:

It’s a good thing neither team did well under pressure, because if the cameras had caught just one of these groups, no doubt the other city’s fans would be having a field day. As it is, if your five-year-old son still has trouble with thunderstorms (or hey, if you still get the heebie-jeebies) at least he can feel a bit better knowing that some sports stars feel his pain.