A Bruins Fan Is Branding Packages Going to Pittsburgh With the ‘B’ Logo

And he plans on continuing this as long as the Bruins are in.

Photo via Instagram

Photos via Instagram

The Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins has brought out a lot of odd behavior in people.

A Pittsburgh bar banned beers associated with Boston from being served, a JetBlue pilot reportedly heckled a crying baby on a flight between the two cities, and a band whose lead singer loves the Penguins was kicked out of the group for making a comment about the Marathon bombings on Twitter. And now, one uber-hockey fan has started adding a special stamp to deliveries going out to the rival team.

To show his pride for the Boston Bruins, a worker at a New England shipping and distribution center has been drawing the team’s “B” logo on packages sent to customers in Pittsburgh—but it’s all in the name of keeping the rivalry fun, he says.

Jeff, who asked that his last name and the name of his company not be used, says he is a “diehard” Bruins fan. “We ship nationwide,” says Jeff. “I’ve gotten a great reaction locally by friends and family, other than that not much of any reaction yet. I doubt the costumer has received their [product] yet so I’ll have to wait and see.”

Jeff posted a photo of his artwork to Instagram, and a friend later posted it on Reddit. Underneath the photo he wrote, “ordering sinks [to] Pittsburgh? Expect [your] package to look like this #becauseitsthecup.” Since sending out the shipment, he says he hopes the prank is seen merely as a “a funny little message” from a very competitive fan base, and not as completely out of line. But based on last night’s game between Boston and Pittsburgh, where the latter let up six goals, putting the Bruins in a two-to-zero lead in the series, Jeff’s “not sure they will be getting a laugh out of it.”

The shipping employee plans to keep marking Pittsburgh packages with the Bruins logo, and promises to move onto the city if the Bruins advance to the Stanley Cup finals, he says. “I will absolutely continue this until the series ends, and if we advance then the next city can expect similar branding,” he says.

H/T Kyle Clauss.