Walgreens in Boston: Now Serving Live Lobsters

Because why not?

Photo via @lauriedeits on Twitter

Photo via @lauriedeits on Twitter

If you thought venturing into the giant Walgreens in Downtown Crossing to try brightly colored pieces of sushi was an adventure, then you haven’t been back to the mega-pharmacy recently.

A photo snapped by a customer shows the chain’s latest offerings in the form of a fully-functioning tank filled with lots of lobsters. The lobsters are apparently going for $9.99 flat, and not on a per-pound basis, according to the sign slapped on the side of the tank.

“We provide a wide variety of products throughout our stores, as well as customized offerings based on the local community. The lobster offering became available last month, and customers have been pleasantly surprised by the availability and adherence to industry-leading standards,” said Mai Lee Ua, senior manager at the Walgreen Company. The lobster theme aligns with other Boston-area extras that are highlighted in the store, including a giant sign hanging above their dessert and sushi stations showing multiple sentences using stereotypical Boston words. One sentence says “Forget Tea Pah-ties, We Have Coffee,” and another, “Wicked Good Game at Fenway.”

Besides live crustaceans and sashimi, the 24-hour flagship store, which opened its doors in Downtown Crossing in April, offers more traditional drugstore products.

While they haven’t yet cracked into the lobsters, writers at Boston did take the liberty to test the sushi that the pharmacy is serving up. Looks like their next attempt may be stuffed lobster tails.