Woman Caught Driving in HOV Lane With Just a Giant Doll

Police issued her a $50 fine.

Photo via Massachusetts State Police.

Photo via Massachusetts State Police.

If you’re in a rush to work and hop in the carpool lane, make sure you bring an actual person along with you.

According to State Police, a 30-year-old Randolph woman was bagged barreling down the HOV lane in Quincy with a doll in the car seat. She was stopped by Massachusetts State Trooper John Carnell, who was assigned to the Motorcycle Unit, on Tuesday, June 4, at 7:43 a.m. in the Northbound side of Interstate 93.

Police said Carnell found the doll, pictured above, wearing a pink flowery shirt, secured in a car seat. The driver told the officer that she was on her way to work. “The female driver indicated to Trooper Carnell that she didn’t want to wait in traffic, and wanted to use the HOV lane,” according to police.

Because of the infraction, Carnell issued the woman a $50 fine. Police did not say whether or not she was late for work. Officers posted the photo of the doll and information about the incident to their Facebook page. The post brought mixed reactions from people who are subscribed to the official fan page. “Wouldn’t having a baby in the car stretch the 2 person occupancy requirement a bit? The intention is that by having 2 people in the car, you are reducing the number of cars on the road—hence a reward for the action is using the lane. Even if it were a real baby, the second person is not really reducing the number of cars,” one person wrote. Others merely heckled the driver, saying things like “snagged” or congratulating officers for spotting the fake baby in the back seat during rush hour.

Police reminded motorists that the HOV lanes have specific conditions that must be met, before using them, and drivers must have “[two] or more occupants to use these lanes.” Babies included.