Bruins Fans Need Some New Jokes

The Pittsburgh bars are getting tired of taking calls for 'Owen.'

(The above video contains some loud, foul language so be careful.)

Depressed owners of Pittsburgh sports bars are getting awful tired of taking calls for someone named “Owen.” It seemed like a clever prank when video circulated of a Boston Bruins fan calling a Pittsburgh bar. “Is Owen there?” Owen who? “Oh and Two! F@#$ YOU!” the caller screams, referring to the sady win-loss record the Penguins have earned against the Bruins in the Eastern Conference finals. It’s a bit of wordplay that even the Pittsburgh bar owners could laugh off … at first. But now that the Bruins have stretched their lead to 3 and 0, and the calls continue, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that they’re getting a little weary:

“We were really good sports about the first couple,” manager Jess Santavy said, “but it’s like 40 times a day.”

Souper Bowl employees believe a Boston radio station has been passing around phone numbers for the local bars that have been targets.

Indeed the joke does seem a bit less like clever misdirection and bit more akin to bludgeoning Pittsburgh repeatedly with a blunt object when you realize that the guy on the other end of the line has already heard the punchline 39 times.

We’re all for good-natured ribbing, but let’s maybe switch up the comedy material sometimes. Even Bart Simpson writes fresh lines when he makes his prank calls. And he’s 10.

This is not to say the Pittsburgh guys don’t hold out hope that they can be equally uncreative.

“We still have hope,” one of them tells the Pittsburgh paper, of tonight’s game. “And we hope to be able to call the bars in Boston back.”

Just don’t ask for Owen, guys. The Boston bars have heard that one already.