Wire Problems Along Green Line Cause MBTA Delays

All lines were impacted during Monday morning's commute.

Photo via @guin86

Photo via @guin86

Hundreds of Green Line passengers were forced off of the trolleys and onto replacement buses during the Monday morning commute, after technical issues with the T’s equipment brought each line to a halt.

The B, C, D and E trains along the MBTA’s Green Line were all impacted by a problem with an overhead wire at Copley Station, according to a T spokesman.

The issue diverted passengers from their usual route and onto buses instead. In a photo captured by one rider, hundreds of people could be seen waiting to board the replacement vehicles at Kenmore Station. Crowds also gathered above ground at Government Center, as bystanders tried to pack themselves onto the alternative mode of transportation.

According to MBTA alerts, service terminated at North Eastern station along the E Line. Substitute bus service was being provided for all inbound service. Passengers were told to utilize the Orange Line between Back Bay and North Station.

For passengers on the C and D branch, service was terminated at Kenmore station, with substitute bus service operating from Kenmore Square for all passengers heading into Boston.

Along the B branch, service stopped running at Blandford Street. Substitute bus service for those trolleys along the Green Line were shipping people inbound. Passengers along that route were also encouraged to hop on the Orange Line if heading into the city.

MBTA officials said the problem at Copley Station had nothing to do with the Back Bay blackouts over the weekend that left residents and businesses in the dark for hours. A spokesman said there was no fire along the tracks Monday morning, despite earlier reports of one. Regardless, officials from the Boston Fire Department were brought to the scene of the downed wires in Copley “to investigate” the situation.

Service was restored to all Green Line branches, and the tracks were “all clear,” just past 11 a.m., officials said.