Bill Belichick Will Not Be Indulging Your Tebowmania

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Updated with video: As the New York Jets learned last season, with Tim Tebow the player comes Tim Tebow the media frenzy, a phenomenon that doesn’t interest some people, no one less than Old Stonewall Belichick. Indeed, the New England Patriots coach just gave the most Bill Belichickian press conference in recent memory. Though Belichick earlier denied reports that he “hates” Tim Tebow as a player, the New England Patriots coach could not have appeared less enthused to discuss his new acquisition with the enlarged scrum of reporters who came to see what was to be seen.

Lots of media on site for Bill Belichick’s press conference at Day 1 of Patriots Mini-Camp:…

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) June 11, 2013

Belichick opened with a general statement in praise of Tebow. “Anything we do is what we feel is in the best interest of the team. Tim is a talented player that’s smart and works hard, so we’ll see how it goes.”

His next several answers included such illuminating expansions on that idea like, “I’ve answered that question twice,” and when asked how the team might use Tebow, “I don’t know, we’ll see.”

Bill Belichick on how much input Josh McDaniels had on decision to sign #TimTebow: ‘I don’t know’ #Patriots

— Boston Globe Sports (@BGlobeSports) June 11, 2013

One brave reporter even attempted to inject some levity into the line of questioning, asking Old Bill, whose enthusiasm for this topic should by then have been pretty clear, if he supported “Tebowing,” the signature move wherein Tebow kneels down to pray. Belichick looked something like this:

Bill Belichick face during the press conference…

— Pats Nation (@Pats_Nation81) June 11, 2013

And responded, “We’ve already talked enough about him.”

Ya burnt, press.

Some reactions:

Did the media at least get breakfast or a snack at that press conference cuz they didn’t get anything from Belichick

— Guy Giraudy (@Guy_MG) June 11, 2013

Great quote from @damienwoody after Bill Belichick press conference…”…if there’s kryptonite for Tebowmania, that (Belichick) was it!”

— NetWorks Sports (@NetWorks_Sports) June 11, 2013


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