Bulger On Trial: Day Two

The prosecution continued to make its case.

So Whitey Bulger’s on trial and you’re interested in hearing about it, but you’ve got this darn day job and you can’t manage to keep up with all the live tweets. We feel you. Here’s what you missed: 

The Witnesses: We heard testimony from retired State Police Colonel Thomas Foley, today, who led the investigation into Whitey Bulger that resulted in his indictment and subsequent flight from Boston. With the prosecution, Foley described how his investigation into Whitey was often thwarted by the FBI, a subject he explored at more length in a book released last year. During cross-examination, the defense attorneys tried to get him to undermine the testimony of John Martorano, one of the former Bulger associates who’s going to act as a witness for the prosecution. (Undercutting him and the other Bulger associates because of their criminal activities is a big theme in the defense.) The Globe has a good recap of his testimony.

Also today, Robert Long, the retired State Police detective who surveilled Bulger’s headquarters in 1980 completed the testimony he began yesterday about what his agents saw going on there—mostly Whitey meeting with Mafia types.

The Gun Show: Before Foley’s testimony, the prosecution introduced “a small arsenal of firearms” as the Globe puts it, allegedly used by Bulger and his gang. Foley identified the guns and described how the government found them, though he admitted to the defense that Bulger’s fingerprints don’t appear on any of them.

The Fashion: The fashion was, once again, a side-fixation for reporters in court today. Bulger once again appeared somewhat unkempt if the Globe’s Kevin Cullen is to be believed, and in the old archival footage of Bulger and his associates that was introduced as evidence, 80s fashion was on display.

Also, Kevin Cullen found, we kid you not, at least 12 different ways of calling Nicky Femia, another Bulger associate who appeared in the footage, obese.

How’d Sleepy Juror Do? Yesterday, we met Sleepy Juror, the alternate juror who apparently had trouble staying awake through the opening arguments. He seems to have gotten his sleep after inspiring a parody Twitter account.

Perhaps that’s the last we’ll hear about him.