The Saga of Lil’ Poopy Continues

The Brockton kid rapper's father gets arrested.


Well there’s some more news coming out of Brockton about kid rapper Lil Poopy, whose father has just been arrested and oh dear, it seems the poop has really hit the fa—no, you know what, sorry about that. We’re gonna put a quarter in the pun jar and keep the rest of this poop-joke free.

Nine-year-old Lil’ Poopy, you’ll remember, has been subject to two investigations with the state’s child welfare authorities. The first investigation came after Brockton police expressed concern at his rap videos; the second, when Poopy was discovered in a car with his videographer sometime after midnight with the distinct stench of marijuana in the air.

The Enterprise reports that Lil Poopy’s father Luis Rivera (yeah we considered calling him Big Poopy, too, but then we saw his mug shot and thought “mmm better not…”) was arrested along with 24 other people in a massive drug and gun sweep Wednesday. He was also charged for marijuana possession. The Department of Children and Families tells the Enterprise that the investigation into Lil’ Poopy is still ongoing, but we’d imagine this won’t much help matters. So actually, this kid having a goofy stage name aside, this isn’t really that light a story at all. No, this one seems pretty sad and unpleasant, upon further consideration. But, as we learned from Kanye West this week, “great art comes from pain,” often pain related to our parental woes, so if Rivera’s trying to fuel his son’s creative output through that avenue, he’s sure giving him a lot of material.