There Was a Double Rainbow Over Boston

Everyone took pictures, natch.


Image Credit: Eric Randall

Right before the inky black apocalyptic-looking clouds rolled in over Boston last night, the city seemed to collectively pause, look up, and gasp in delight at the sight of a massive double rainbow arching above. Interpretations varied (Was it good luck for the Bruins or your political candidate of choice? Or perhaps God shining down on Obama or weighing in on the “gay lobby?”) but it’s a good thing we have smartphones, as we can now appreciate the view from every angle. Naturally, all the pics people posted raised the ire of some apparent rainbow-haters who were all “What’s the big deal about the fragmentation of light within water droplets?” or “Sob! My Instagram feed is a sea of images of the same similarly filtered thing!” (Really rainbow haters? And isn’t that kind of just Instagram anyway?) But for those of you who love rainbows (and unicorns, puppies, and ice cream) here’s a glimpse of some of the best shots from Twitter: