Double Rainbows Do Not Portend Bruins Victories

The theory was tested, and it did not bear out.

Monday night, the sky cleared after a crazy thunderstorm and a double rainbow once again stretched across Boston. This being the second double rainbow to show up in less than a week, people knew what to do: Take photos and ponder the meaning for the Bruins, who would play Chicago in a Stanley Cup game an hour or so later.

Not that all these people are suggesting serious rainbow-hockey victory causation … But we’re going to be that guy for a moment and pretend they were, so we can point out that the last double rainbow appeared over Boston just hours before last Wednesday’s game. The Bruins lost in triple overtime. This ruled out the possibility that double rainbows necessarily precede Bruins victories but left open the possibility that they do the opposite: portend Bruins losses. Uh oh! Luckily, that latter theory came crashing down last night because the Bruins won. Ergo, no correlation.

Don’t feel bad. Double rainbows are rare things so it’s probably good the Bruins haven’t hitched their fate to them. And this frees us up to test other theories for the rainbow’s portent. Maybe God is going through a Lisa Frank phase. Or it’s nothing more than the fragmentation of light through water droplets and makes for lovely pictures and funny YouTube autotunes. Either way, let’s ponder it as we look at more pretty pictures of rainbows.