Orring: It’s Like Planking, But With a Hockey Stick

The new move, which is gaining more attention, mimics the Bobby Orr statue outside TD Garden.

Despite it’s two-year anniversary recently, the phenomenon of “planking” probably won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.

But Boston Bruins fans have begun putting a twist on the horizontal meme-generator, mimicking TD Garden’s Bobby Orr statue and flying pose, made famous by “The Goal” photo, by introducing “Orring”—as in, planking while doing the victory leap like Orr after his Stanley Cup-winning goal in 1970.

Writers from Boston.com’s BDC Radio blog got the puck moving forward on the “Orring” concept after Connelly Partners, a Boston-based ad and marketing agency, tweeted a photo of some of their employees doing the classic dive move around the office.

Not many photos popped up following the post, aside from those created by the BDC team, but in the last few days, with the help of a celebrity endorsement, more Orring photos have started to surface online.

On Wednesday, the sports blog SBNation.com started placing bets on how long it would take avid Bruins fan and PGA golfer Keegan Bradley to get in on the Orring action.

Within hours of them posting their predictions, he did just that, and soon others followed:

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram