The Daily Show Wants Obama to Go Frodo Baggins on Bob Kraft’s Superbowl Ring

Kraft's Superbowl ring was the subject of the Daily Show's segment Wednesday.

No surprise that The Daily Show devoted significant time to the story of Bob Kraft’s erstwhile Superbowl ring Wednesday night. The story Kraft recently retold, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin “accepted the ring as a gift” when Kraft merely tried to show it to him on a visit is definitely the stuff of late-night comedy.

The task of opining on the ring fell to John Oliver, who is standing in as a Daily Show host for the summer while Jon Stewart directs a movie. People have offered many solutions to the ring issue. Kraft seems content to let the Russians keep it at the Kremlin at this point. The Boston Globe editorial page suggested Putin quietly return it. But Oliver wants a more … cinematic resolution.

“For president Obama to capture the energy and enthusiasm that he’s lost, and harness the power of the office necessary, to face down America’s greatest challenges over the next few years, there is one thing he must do,” Oliver says. “Mr. President, you must seek the ring. You must find the precious. One ring to rule them all! One ring! And Mr. President look at me whatever you do do not let Joe Biden put that ring on his finger.”

We like this Obama-as-Frodo Putin-as-Sauron metaphor, though we’re not sure anyone should go on any quests to destroy the Superbowl ring. That thing’s expensive!