Who Had an Edible Arrangement Sent to Aaron Hernandez?

The latest strange development.

In the latest strange, but insignificant development in what is turning into a strange, strange media circus (filled with insignificant developments) surrounding Aaron Hernandez … someone has delivered the Patriots tight end an Edible Arrangement. You know, those candy/fruit filled packages made to look like a flower bouquet?

Several of the approximately 802,344 reporters outside Hernandez’s door photographed the pitiable delivery man who probably had no idea what he was in for.

John Atwater from WCVB tweeted:

A woman apparently opened the door and accepted the delivery. All this begs the question: Who on earth is sending Hernandez an Edible Arrangement at a time like this? Some theories:

1. His lawyers, brightening up a bad day.

2. Someone aspiring to be his new lawyers.

3. Someone aspiring to be his crisis management PR firm.

4. The note says:

“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?!

-Gronk.” (That one’s courtesy of a Deadspin commenter.)

5. Aaron Hernandez. He had to order in, and nothing hits the spot midday like a tasteful $50 arrangement of skewered fruits.

In other somewhat more portentous news, two state police officers arrived to Hernandez’s home hot on the heels of the delivery man, reportedly with a search warrant. They were let inside and left quickly thereafter. Reports from earlier this morning that an arrest warrant for obstruction of justice has been issued have yet to bear out.