Richard Heos Is That Third Guy on the Senate Ballot

He represents the Twelve Visions Party, which has some odd positions.

Voters could barely keep tabs on the Democratic and Republican candidates in today’s special Senate election so it’s no wonder that many were surprised to discover that there’s a third candidate on the ballot: Richard Heos of the Twelve Visions Party.

Heos is a retired 66-year-old from Woburn who officiates youth sports games. According to Back Bay Patch, which briefly profiled him, he’s basically a super-duper libertarian:

Heos could not encapsulate his campaign or party’s platform in a nutshell, citing that it was more than 100 pages long, but he said that if elected he would strive to end all welfare entitlements and restrictions on immigration.

The Twelve Visions Party has a bizarre new-agey way of presenting itself, but at its essence, it seems intent on dismantling most of the government, reducing it to nothing more than a very limited local law enforcement, for the purpose of making “all the people” rich, “even the poor!” Which … yes, that is generally what is meant by “all the people.”  The party managed to get a presidential candidate on the ballot in Colorado in 2012. Despite getting Heos on the ballot, the party’s platform and publicity efforts in Massachusetts are not particularly … cogent. The party introduces itself on its Massachusetts website thusly:

The founding 2012 TVP national Platform Unveiled in mid 2009, is Timeless. That fundamental Document is based on Fundamental Principles as opposed to transitory pragmatism. Therefore, that Seminal 2012 National Platform shall forever remain the TVP National Platform, for that founding Platform is the Fundamental Expression of an entirely new Dimension of Civilization void of Initiatory Force.

Now if that doesn’t sound like the third party movement that will finally break up the entrenched two party hegemony we’ve seen for over a century in America, what does?

If you’re curious, there are actually 12 visions listed on the website, one of which reads, ‘VISION 3: Fell Extraordinary  Every Day.’ Heos tells the Boston Globe, “We’re novices,” and ,”We don’t expect to win.” Not with campaign literature like that, you won’t.