#Hernandezing Is a Thing Now

Because even alleged murderers get fun memes!

Proving that pretty much anything is fodder for internet jokes, the hashtag #Hernandezing, like #Tebowing before it, went viral last night. People posted photos of themselves imitating the Patriots tight end as he was led away from his home in handcuffs Wednesday morning with a T-shirt hastily pulled over his torso.

Hernandez was later charged with planning and carrying out the murder of Odin Lloyd by driving him to an industrial park, throwing him to the ground, and putting several bullets in his … Well, never mind that, we have internet jokes to make!


You get the picture. Another iteration imitates a photo of Hernandez taking a selfie while holding up a handgun.


The hashtag quickly caught the attention of web outlets like Buzzfeed most of whom feel vaguely unsettled by the whole thing.

That’s because you’re free to interpret this as a) a darkly funny meme – We’re mocking a guy who might have done something bad for getting arrested while shirtless! b) a joke lacking in self-awareness that gives no gravity to the death of a man much less famous than the man who allegedly murdered him c) an entirely self-aware commentary on the fact that we have too many memes these days. That last one’s a real stretch though.