Watch the New England Aquarium Renovate the Giant Fish Tank in One Minute

The process took 10 months to complete, and the Aquarium captured it all on film from start to finish.

For the last 10 months the New England Aquarium has been undergoing some serious renovations, specifically to the “Giant Tank” which serves as the centerpiece in the building and the facility’s main attraction, and houses more than 2000 aquatic animals—more than double the number of animals that the exhibit ever held before.

The four-story tank, first constructed in the late 1960’s, and for quite sometime considered the largest tank of its kind in the entire world, has since reopened, as of July 1, and its inhabitants have been moved back to their headquarters.

The $17.8 million renovations to the tank were part of an ongoing series of changes at the Aquarium, and were the “culmination” of a campaign first kicked off in 2007, according to officials.

While the work was being done, the Aquarium captured the entire process on video, and on Monday, shared the footage on YouTube, showing the reconstruction of the tank in just over one minute, including draining and filling the 24-foot deep glass enclosure.

“We get chills watching this video. The big tank is the crowning achievement in the New Aquarium Experience,” officials said on their YouTube page.

Fish and penguins were transported to a separate facility owned by the Aquarium in Quincy while the work was being completed over the last 10 months.

You can read more about all the changes made to the tank, and other parts of the Aquarium, on their official blog.