Fireworks! Fourth of July, By the Numbers

The Fourth of July display on the Esplanade doesn’t take long, but the preparation for it sure does. Here's a look at what goes into making the show.


Photo via Thinkstock

14 million

Number of people who have attended the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular over the past 40 years.


Number of wristbands that will be distributed for the concert that will be held in the Oval in front of the Hatch Shell.


Weight, in pounds, of the explosives used to create up to 15,000 fireworks for the event.


Weight, in pounds, of an adult-male African elephant.


Number of man-hours required to produce the show.


Height above the Prudential Tower, in feet, that the largest fireworks will explode.


Approximate amount of personal space, in square feet, each attendee will get if the Oval reaches full capacity.


Number of people per available portable restroom in the wristband area.


Number of reasons, based on the preceding two items, that attendees should be thankful that alcohol is not permitted inside the wristband area.