Watch Brian Williams Suck Up to New Hampshire After Leaving It Off a Map

The NBC anchor had to correct a map that left the state out.


Image via NBC News

Brian Williams issued an amusing on-air correction on last night’s NBC Nightly News broadcast during which he apologized for a map produced by his graphics department from which New Hampshire had gone missing.

The map labeled New Hampshire as “VT” or Vermont, and Vermont as New York before it zoomed up into Canada to show the location of a train explosion. Displaying the map, Williams said:

You’ll see what a few of our sharp eyed viewers saw including at least one U.S. Senator. New Hampshire’s gone. Vanished. It apparently moved to Vermont and then New York took over a bunch of territory. Nobody knew it. Mea culpa and full disclosure. New Hampshire was lost by our graphics department. It has since been found and put back.

Williams seems more amused than ashamed that he’s been forced to admit his error. But he then kissed some major Granite State ass:

This calls for a reminder of great things about New Hampshire. It’s got the best motto, “Live free or die.” And it is the home of the first-in- the-nation primary. Its entire elected delegation is women—governor, two U.S. Senators, and members of Congress. And while they are all serious people, New Hampshire has also given us Seth Meyers and Sarah Silverman. And the inventor of tupperware is from there. And paper towels were invented in New Hampshire.

The sentiment is nice, but dare we say, a bit condescending? Aw, you invented paper towels! Good for you! It implies that America needs to be reminded of some quaint basic facts about the state, which, you know, maybe it does … but aren’t we all supposed to pretend that the people in the fly-overs know 800 percent more trivia about our states than we know about theirs? One thing we definitely learned about New Hampshire, though … its citizens and Senators watch the news really, really carefully. And a good thing they show such commitment to perfection, too. No one wants a leaky tupperware.

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