The American Flag Caused a Car Crash on the Zakim Bridge

Police said it fell from the structure and covered a vehicle, leading to an accident.

A large American flag that was hanging from the center of the Zakim Bridge is to blame for a car accident on the highway, according to police.

Massachusetts State Police Troopers responded to what they described as a minor crash on the bridge in Boston on Friday morning after the flag fell from its holding spot above the roadway and landed on top of a moving vehicle, causing it to careen into the median on the southbound side of Interstate 93. The were reportedly some traffic issues as officials responded to the scene of the crash.

According to police, the motorist spun out before the vehicle hit the concrete barrier. There was minor damage to the car, the report said, and the driver of the vehicle was not injured. The flag was being picked up and crews were working to reopen the roadway.

The Zakim Bridge is often outfitted in various ways to celebrate events in the city. Prior to the Fourth of July, officials placed the massive American flag at the center of the bridge, where it could be seen from multiple vantage points from as far as Somerville.

In the past, the Zakim Bridge has been lit up to represent the colors of the Boston Marathon, as well as the Boston Bruins black and gold uniforms and logo.

In 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation replaced the original blue lights that lit the bridge with state-of-the-art, multi-colored LED versions that can be controlled from a switchboard, allowing them to pick what color to shine on the structure.