When It Rains, It Pours—And Then Sometimes It Leaks Into MBTA Buses

A rider posted a video of a T bus that took in some water and soaked the seats once the vehicle started to move.

The MBTA isn’t in tip-top shape—which isn’t news by any measure—but some commutes can be worse than others when the transportation system isn’t up to par, and is in need of repairs.

On Friday morning, the latest culprit was the Route 441 MBTA bus that passes through Marblehead toward the Wonderland Busway. A video posted online shows customers riding on the back of the bus as water from the heavy rain leaks into a section on the ceiling, where the window meets the roof of the vehicle, creating a cascade of uncomfortable wetness and forming small puddles in the middle of the blue T seats. The passengers were forced to stand up in order to avoid the T-made waterfall that poured into their ride.

Scott Fisher, the person who posted the video, and later Tweeted about it, said this situation “happens way too often” during rainy drives in the morning on the bus route. Here is what the rider had to say:

This type of thing happens all too often on this line. I missed the express to Boston and needed to get on this line. The bus stopped for 10 minutes in Lynn and would stall every 10 seconds. Once we started moving, this is what happened the duration of the ride.

Fisher did not indicate whether or not he filed a complaint with the T, but the agency said they encourage people to give them a heads up when this happens.  “We always encourage customers to report problems so they may be properly handled. Properly identifying information—Bus [or] Car number, route, time [and] day— is always helpful. They can call 617-222-3200, fill out a customer feedback form…or tweet it to us @mbtagm,” a spokesperson said.