Pingup Offers Free Cab Rides in Wake of Recent Attacks in South Boston

Using an app, residents in the area can safely get from point A to point B this weekend.

Two transportation services are offering up rides to women, and residents in the South Boston area, to help ease the discomfort brought on by the recent stabbing attacks, and death of a 24-year-old victim.

Pingup, a locally-based app that lets users make appointments, hail cabs, and reserve tables, is giving residents in the “Safe Zone” a free lift for a limited time, so that getting everyday tasks done doesn’t have to be overcast by the fear of going outside.

Early Tuesday morning, Amy Lord was abducted from her South Boston apartment, and taken on a 47-minute ride to various ATMs in the Dorchester area, allegedly held captive by her assailant, before she was stabbed to death and her body left in the Stony Brook Reservation section of the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

A person of interest has been arrested in connection with two other assaults that occurred in South Boston in a 24-hour timeframe the day of Lord’s disappearance, but the suspect has not been formally charged Lord’s murder, according to police officials. Officials continue to urge resident to be alert, and on guard, as the investigation surrounding Lord’s murder remains under investigation.

Because they were worried about the general safety of their customers, friends, and family, and they have ties to South Boston, where they are headquartered, the people behind Pingup are providing free taxis rides within South Boston through TopCab/City Cab when users turn to the app to get around. “The recent attacks in our community have left us all concerned and we would like to help in the best way we can,” the company said in a statement on their blog. 

The offer is good from 5 p.m. Friday through 8 a.m. Monday, as a service to the community and to encourage neighborhood safety, they said. To redeem a ride,customers must show a specific “Pingup Pup” image to the taxi driver upon entering the cab.

Other companies have jumped on the chance to help out their fellow neighbors as the investigation into what may have happened to Lord is ongoing. Several spots that focus on martial arts and self-defense are offering free classes so that woman in the community can feel safe, and turn to physical force, in case of an encounter.

A South Boston shuttle service is also available to residents in the neighborhood.