Q&A #1: State Rep Specials

OK, questions starting to pile up. Up first, two related questions via email. First, an anonymous inquirer asks:

I would like to know who you think will win the 12th Suffolk Race and why?

And another anonymous emailer asks:

I was wondering if you had any insights or predictions about the three State Representative special elections that have their primaries in a couple weeks: Bristol 6, Suffolk 12, and Worcester 16.

The one I have the best handle on is the local Boston one, to replace Linda Dorcena Forry. It sure looks to me like Dan Cullinane has that one in hand; he clearly has the institutional support, and is seen by many as Forry’s choice. Stephanie Everett is impressive, and Mary-dith Tuitt is a serious candidate too, but it doesn’t look like it’s there for them.

The Worcester race to replace John Fresolo has been beyond my radar, but I’m going to guess Dan Donahue over Khrystian King et al in the Democratic primary, to take on Republican Carol Claros.

And down Fall River way, for David Sullivan’s former seat, I’ve got to like the primary candidate with more than $50,000 raised, including from some legit establishment names, and that’s Carole Fiola. The winner of that primary faces Republican David Steinhof.