Q&A #3: Is Lake For Real?

“Ben” asks via email:

I just came back from my first convention a few weeks ago. I was very intrigued by the organization and commitment to Mike Lake. However in the same breath I had never been exposed to him before, thus leaving me to wonder if his run for LG is a stunt to gain name recognition or a true attempt to win the seat? Is Mike Lake the next young blood to energize the party or will he fall flat and be run-over my Kerrigan and his outside money?

I certainly don’t think it’s a stunt; Lake ran statewide for auditor four years ago, won a spot on the ballot, and finished third in the primary with a respectable 19 percent of the vote. He came away with some credibility, an organization, and quite a few dedicated supporters. He is trying to build upon that, with what looks to him like a reasonable target in the open race for Lieutenant Governor.

That said, I am skeptical that he can expand his appeal sufficiently to prove competitive in the primary. As you mention, Steve Kerrigan has been building up support and funding, in hopes of looking formidable to others thinking of joining the race. But others will join.

So, for your second question, I’d predict somewhere in the middle: that Lake will run another respectable race that can’t be said to “fall flat,” but that he also won’t come out of the race as the hot young superstar joining the gubernatorial ticket.