Q&A #6: Next Governor, And Other 2014 Items

OK…. “Hank Ryan” asks:

There have been some rumors Norfolk Sheriff Mike Bellotti may run for treasurer. Does another treasurer from Quincy seem viable to you?

The last treasurer from Quincy didn’t seem all that viable to me, so what do I know? The elder Bellotti (Francis X.) is going to keep trying to get everyone from Quincy elected state-wide as long as he’s alive and kicking, and that certainly includes those with his own name. Michael is a perfectly viable candidate. He would also be a solid candidate for Secretary, if Bill Galvin runs for Attorney General, if Martha Coakley runs for Governor.

An anonymous emailer asks:

Do you think Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is really a legitimate candidate for Governor with all the negative news swirling around his administration? If Dig Boston can find enough dirt there to run a 4-part series, what will a well-funded opposition research team be able to do his potential candidacy?

I do think he’s legit. I also think that — as with Bellotti and Quincy above — Somerville carries an inherent stigma for its mayor regardless of actual corruption. The sores opened by the series you mention (co-written by my former colleague Chris Faraone) add weight to that problem, but ultimately it will depend on how much more comes out. But, I do think that Curtatone’s profile is a good one for the race.

Next question, emailed by “Jenny From The Block”:

Very quiet on the gubernatorial front… Notice that the good congressman from the 8th district was the choice (?) for the Somerville q and a portion on the zip trip.. Coy with his answer, better job? Pharaoh of Fluff or Governor? Thoughts? Please include the AG in your insightful response!

Pharaoh of Fluff sounds more like a title for Somerville’s current, not former mayor. (Or Lynn’s mayor, yeah yeah I know.) Anyway, it certainly looks to me more and more like Mike Capuano has decided to opt out of the race, which would also explain why you’re seeing Curtatone sounding more openly like he is running. Look, Cap actually likes being a congressman, so the downside of staying put is minimal; while the downside of running is being without an office, title, or staff and needing to start all over with a new career phase. I thought he’d still probably go for it, but it doesn’t look like it to me now. Anyway, he says he’ll announce a decision in August. And as for Coakley, it sure looks like she’s decided she’s in, but I can’t understand why she wouldn’t at least be telling some party insiders, and I haven’t found anyone who’s heard anything but “undecided” from her; so who knows?

“Pete” asks via email:

If Mike Capuano decides to run statewide next year, who are some of the people who are looking to replace him? Is a possibility of Boston rallying around one candidate to assure that another Somerville, Cambridge or Everett person isn’t elected?
Marie St. Fleur would run. Ayanna Pressley would probably run. Felix Arroyo would likely run. Linda Forry would probably run. And there would be others; and yes, there would be major efforts to consolidate the southern part of the district behind one candidate, but I think in today’s world that’s easier said than done. So yes, a candidate from the northern part of the district could win.
And finally, “Suzanne Bremer” asks:

And the next governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be….?

Charlie Baker. If I had to place a bet today.