A Dollar-by-Dollar Breakdown of the City Council Candidates

I wrote the other day about the difficulties faced by city council candidates this year. Now I’ll add some numbers to that analysis.

Below are the amounts that each of the 48 city council candidates had in their campaign accounts at the end of July, as reported by their banks to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Bear in mind as you peruse the figures that one decent, targeted, city-wide mailing can cost upwards of $30,000 to produce and send. I’m struck by the incumbents, who aren’t exactly stockpiling their war chests—although I suppose those who tend to do so are the ones who have taken their ambitions to the mayoral race.

I went back and found that in the last similar at-large preliminary, in 2005, the eight candidates who eventually made it through the preliminary had a combined total of over $500,000 in their accounts at this point. The top eight at-large accounts today have a total of well under $400,000—and they haven’t spent as much as those ’05 candidates had.

It’s actually the district races that have produced some of the top-raising challengers, including second-time candidate Suzanne Lee and first-timer Josh Zakim.

Notes: Incumbents are marked with (i). Amount raised includes self-funding. Charles Yancey’s campaign account listed here is the same one he is using to run for mayor. OCPF is missing Martin Keogh’s bank reports; his cash-on-hand figure is supplied by his campaign.


CandidateDistrictCash on HandRaised in Cycle
Stephen Murphyat-large (i)$101,660$183,747
Michelle Wuat-large$95,447$152,745
Suzanne LeeD2$66,712 $98,259
Joshua Zakim D8$64,027$116,928
Ayanna Pressleyat-large (i)$51,691$128,267
Matt O'MalleyD6 (i)$49,074$94,623
Michael Flahertyat-large$41,579 $85,020
Philip Frattaroliat-large $38,764$46,185
Bill LinehanD2 (i)$33,566$122,869
Mark CiommoD9 (i)$27,741$78,852
Charles YanceyD4 (i)$23,281 $33,001
Jeff Rossat-large $22,283$35,438
Michael Nichols D8$20,951$24,029
Jack Kellyat-large$17,173$30,046
Tito Jackson D7 (i)$13,019$126,817
Martin Keoghat-large$13,312$32,462
Tim McCarthyD5$12,949$21,060
Frank BakerD3 (i)$10,554$69,578
Sal LaMattinaD1 (i)$9,317 $156,860
Annissa Georgeat-large $7,999$18,940
Patrice GattozziD5 $5,909$11,401
Eve 'Mimi' TurchinetzD5$5,468$17,424
Ramon Sotoat-large$3,954$5,735
Catherine O'Neillat-large$2,896$6,646
Ava CallendarD5$2,360$5,390
Terrance WilliamsD4$1,761$1,871
Jean-Claude SanonD5$1,641$5,941
Margherita Ciampa-CoyneD5$1,429$1,792
Steven GodfreyD4$1,359$4,598
Gloria MurrayD8$975$1,160
Seamus Whelan at-large$733$2,670
John Ribiero Jr.D1 $640$926
Andrew CousinoD5$546$2,260
Francisco Whiteat-large$481$1,523
Keith Kenyonat-large$438$2,714
Chris Conroyat-large$395$8,504
Douglas Wohnat-large $144 $500
Gareth Saundersat-large$123$150
Althea Garrisonat-large $100$100
Michael BronnerD9 $98$250
Michael Wells IIID5$90 $90
Luis ValerioD6$67$1,557
Divo MonteiroD4$25$946
Thomas DooleyD8$5 $2,440
Angelica Addivinola D8$0$0
Frank Addivinolaat-large$0$0
Roy OwensD7 $0$0
Brian GannonD1(-$10)$0