For a Small Fee Jenny Dell Will Make Fun of Your Friends on Video

The sports reporter is willing to trash talk your buddies and even show up at your party.

On-air television sports personality and NESN Red Sox reporter Jenny Dell will make fun of peoples’ friends in a personalized YouTube video for just $99.

The sideline reporter has been working with, a website that cuts out the publicist, and describes itself as the “Expedia for athlete” and celebrity appearances, connecting with fans and businesses that want to spend a little time with her, or other sports-affiliated types.

Thuzio, created by a former New York Giants running back, launched in August of 2012 and offers what they call “Thuzio Pros,” or local talent for customers to engage with. “The company is adding dozens of new ‘Thuzio Pros’ each week in a diverse number of sports— from baseball, football and basketball, to volleyball, figure skating and rowing,” according to a statement from the company.

The prices on the site are set by the talent with Thuzio taking a small percentage of that cut. Some talent can choose to allocate those dollars to a charity.

Dell, host of The Ultimate Red Sox Show, a weekly segment also broadcast on NESN, will go beyond just berating your buddies via a YouTube clip, however. For a little extra, people can surprise their friends by inviting Jenny to a live fantasy draft at their house for $750. If that’s not enough of an experience, by chipping in an additional $750, Dell will attend a Red Sox game with a customer, and give insight on what’s happening on the ball field as the Red Sox play—that option will also cost those interested a ticket for her to attend the game.

The list of services, which range from guest appearances to speaking arrangements, tops out at $5,000, where the former University of Massachusetts-Amherst student promises to “inspire your group with stories from her television career,” during a private gathering.

But if customers plan on going the cheap route, here is a sample of what they can expect from the sports host:

There’s a list of other sports notables that are willing to spend time with fans at a price, too. On the Thuzio website, customers have the option of eating dinner or playing a round of golf with New England Revolution player Taylor Twellman for $1,000, or can hang out with Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards at a celebration of their choice for the same cost. New England Patriots players Jermaine Cunningham, Steve Gregory, and Tavon Wilson are also available to perform various services at a customer’s beck and call, most of which are dinners and heart-to-hearts about the nature of the sporting world.

On the more expensive end of the website’s list of celebrities, however, is former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, who is possibly looking for a way to scrape up some cash after his defunct career in the video game industry. Schilling, who recently had to sell off a bloody sock that he wore in the World Series to pay off debts in Rhode Island, will make an appearance as a guest speaker for $30,000, or give coaching advice for half that price. Schilling isn’t up for grabs when it comes to videos that mock your friends, but it may be something he should look into since his snark is impeccable on Twitter.